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Some people in Roslindale won't have to go very far for a beer after work

Workhub sign going up

Co-working sign going up. Photo by Adam Rogoff.

Roslindale Village Main Street reports the Roslindale substation just got a new tenant: A co-working space called Workhub at the Substation.

It's in the basement, where the Craft Beer Cellar used to be, below the Turtle Swamp beer hall.



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As a terrapin, I am uniquely qualified to make the statement that Turtle Swamp is the best! You may not think terrapins enjoy beer, but we do. It gets us out of our shell.

Now that they have taken over JP they have decided to annex Roslindale since it is really JP's kid brother anyway. It makes sense to allow co-working millenials to enjoy a pint upstairs before they head home for the day. We terrapins approve.

My hops off to them! Long live the Turtle!

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Or walk down the street for a Distraction.

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