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Some real major voyages of the damned: Signal woes leave Worcester Line riders slammed

Some passengers on the Worcester Line sat in stalled trains for up to three hours tonight.



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After freezing for nearly an hour at Boston Landing waiting for a 6:30 train, I was able to board the 5:50 departure from S. Station at about 7:25. Another hour and we got to the W. Natick bottleneck.

I was mostly glad to not freeze and to get home before nine. But why a failure of this magnitude should happen without an accident or malicious damage causing it is really disappointing.

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They're replacing the signaling on the Worcester line for Positive Train Control but I haven't seen any info on whether it's the old or the new system that failed.

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It's impressive that a line that runs only 4 trains per hour during the 5 pm hour, and 2 trains per hour for the rest of rush hour, somehow generates 3 hour delays when they have to give manual permission to pass broken signals.

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