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Somebody keeps stealing a Charlestown church's flower boxes

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reported yesterday that somebody stole the flower boxes from in front of St. Mary Church on Warren Street - but that a local resident and a former resident who now runs a florist shop in Stoneham teamed up to replace the boxes and flowers. But, the paper reports today, the flowers were once again stolen sometime between last night and this morning.




Churches pay no property tax and just took billions from taxpayers during the pandemic. They don’t need even more handouts.

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That has to be the most clueless thing I've read online today - and I started my day with the latest delusions from Trump's twitter feed!
Handouts? Someone donated some flowers and flowerpots.

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The chauvinism towards all things bicycle related coupled with hate of all things automotive already makes any statement by him suspect.

His hatred towards the Catholic Church recently on this board is ugly bigotry writ large.

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Your comment is every bit as inappropriate as his.

Stop worshiping your car, too. That's a sin under the rules of the church you love.

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Also: How much money were universities, which also do not pay taxes, automatically eligible to receive from the CARES Act?

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What about the non profits, worked for one once, they were called a non profit, because every penny of 'profit' they made ended up in the pockets of the senior people.
They were also big into the Diversity BS. Except for the top 20 rulers. 20 people, 18 white women, 1 black woman and 1 white gay man.
Of course, nearly 100% of the bottom people were Diversity.

Disgusting human beings.

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My family was forced to leave the country of my birth when I was 4 years old. It wasn't over religion. But it doesn't matter, you have the same HATE, you don't know me, but I know your kind. Unfortunately very well.

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is not the same thing as hatred towards a religion or its practitioners.

(I'm ambivalent towards the whole matter, myself—the megachurches that are run like businesses should probably pay taxes, but small town churches probably shouldn't, and I really wouldn't know where to draw the line.)

Please don't conflate these things.

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"...and I really wouldn't know where to draw the line."

'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.'

Good place to start. No government approved religion.

The Founding Fathers were of several different religious denominations. They saw the need to treat religion as neutral from a government point of view.

Treat a business as a business and a religion as a religion. The American Heart Association is a non-profit. Its employees get paid, charitable donations are made to researchers, etc.

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regardless of the doctrine they profess.

"Respecting an establishment of religion" has long been legally interperted to mean any laws that would dictate which established religions citizens could practice, or to give preferrential treatment to one established religion over another. That is not the case here.

The separation of church and state is one of the most commonly misunderstood and misinterperted provisions of the Constituttion.

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"Treat a business as a business and a religion as a religion."

The power to tax is very powerful. I think that they have done a rather good job of defining what is what. There are businesses that disguise themselves as religions.

They don't often survive an IRS audit.

Render unto, etc.

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Disputing the tax free position of churches is one thing. In fact it is an entirely reasonable argument. Injecting it into a discussion of a church getting its property vandalized and stolen, is another thing altogether

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and I don't think you'll see me saying that Kinopio isn't tone-deaf. :-)

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So, it's okay to steal from churches?

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I'm a huge critic of the public misconduct of the Catholic Church and will continue to work to keep them from making laws that force their religious practices on everyone.

That said, this comment is completely and senselessly ridiculous. So is the moronic comment that tries to link it to cycle advocacy - I've met priests serving on bike advisory committees.

Probably best to just spike the whole mess and start over. If it weren't a church, these assholes likely still would have stolen them. There is a whole class of idiots who steal flowers, plants and planters even from graves.

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Someone doesn't like the tone of the way the conversation is going today. Would you please mind taking this down because in that person's previous words, someone is getting "butthurt".


I'm kidding of course. Leave it up. Someone's clear hatred for an institution that I am not a fan of either, though I was a member for 20 years, is being displayed here and that same person has been letting loose on the Church for a few postings.

I'd prefer not to have open bigotry covered up.

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...the Catholic Church and will continue to keep them from making laws that force their religious practices on everyone

You, personally, are keeping them from "making laws", etc..? How? By combox fiat?
We already have Trump and McConnell - we really aren't planning on casting any additional dangerous autocrat ideologue roles at this time, thank you. Please check back in January - hopefully we'll have some openings by then.

If it weren't a church, these assholes likely still would have stolen them.

Charlestown has a decent number of window boxes, hanging planters, and little bits of landscaping. The linked article didn't mention any recent theft/vandalism in the area other than at the church.

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With the solidarity of the vast majority of unchurched people in the Commonwealth and country.

The Catholic Church doesn't call the tune around here like it did when 70% of the state was Catholic, and it never should have anyway. You know, that pesky 1st Amendment thing? It works both ways.

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So is the moronic comment that tries to link it to cycle advocacy

You create your own brand. If Kinopio were to cure cancer, they would forever be known as “anti-car zealot and Nobel-winning biochemist Kinopio.” If Kinopio were to start murdering schoolchildren, they would forever be known as “anti-car zealot and mass murderer Kinopio”

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It looks like the loons on UHub are starting to turn on each other. Guess what, you own Kinopio and can’t give’em back. He/she is one of you. You need to support his/her comments no matter what.

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But by that (admittedly suspect) rationale, if we all "own" every crank and malcontent on this site, then we also own you--and you own all of us. Feel the love, Pal...

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Tries to normalize being a racist jackass.

Big surprise.

You might want to move to Russia soon - progressives are kicking ass on fascists.

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Any recommendations for something inexpensive?

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This oughtta do it.

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