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Somerville Brewing Company Bids Farewell...




I only had their beer a couple of times, but I hate seeing all these cool businesses getting wiped out. Fuck you 2020!

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Can't say how many times that I was headed home in abysmal weather and stopped in to their tent at Assembly to warm up with some soup before heading out in the dark and cold, fortified to complete my bike commute. More often than not, my husband would already be there or would wander in while I warmed up. We called it the "halfway house" because it was exactly half way though our bike trips home. In the summer we would meet up for beer and dinner foods.

I took a picture of their tent in mid-February 2015 when it was surrounded by huge plowed up piles of snow. I captioned it "Hoth Beer Fort is Open" and stuck it on their social media feeds. Someone printed it and framed it and kept it behind the bar for the whole summer after they removed the tent for the season.

I haven't been as big a customer since they got rid of the tent, but I wish them well in future timelines.

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From the press release, it looks like they are talking about their restaurant location at Assembly square. From the title of this article, it appears it is their brewery operations as well. Can you confirm?

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