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Somerville cancels all public events through the end of June

The City of Somerville has officially canceled all city-sponsored or city-permitted public events through the end of June.

This action wipes out Porchfest (May 9), Big Gay Dance Party in Union Square (June 6), East Somerville Carnaval (June 7), Joe's Jazz and Blues Festival (June 20), and pre-Independence Day fireworks at Trum Field (usually scheduled for the Thursday before July 4).

Somerville Open Studios had already cancelled its event, scheduled for May 1-3.

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I thought all construction projects were shut down in Somerville? The Green line project rambles on with workers and police officers working details while the rest of us are confined to our houses.

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Somerville has control over its own construction (such as the new high school), and private construction that it has issued permits for, but not over MBTA construction.

It makes sense to take advantage of the lack of traffic to accelerate the T construction.

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It sucks, but this is the right choice. Somerville is very densely populated, and any large events would be a bad idea for the next few months.

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Is that they're going to extend this 2-3 weeks or a month at a time, and everyone who at least SORT OF saw light at the tunnel will see that light taken away, because we still can't test anyone and we still don't have any plan other than to get the President through his next stupid press conference, and it will never end, and we will start to utterly lose hope, or maybe that's just me

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This is absolutely, 100% what's going to happen until testing is dramatically ramped up. People have been saying this for a month at this point, if not longer. Testing remains a critical problem, for whatever reasons, and it needs to be the state's top priority to address by any means necessary. This probably means we'll need to do our own sourcing of materials etc. and not rely on the feds for anything at all.

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Porchfest in particular seems like it would work really well online, assuming a band's musicians live in the same house so they can perform together.

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