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Somerville, Capitol theatres to remain shut

Although Gov. Baker gave the go-ahead for movie theaters to begin re-opening this week (next week in Boston and Somerville), operators of the Somerville Theatre and the Capitol Theatre in Arlington say they will remain closed.

For now, it’s not feasible for us to reopen to show movies under the current statewide restrictions. Should that change, we will announce details to our patrons as soon as we know more.

Among other requirements, the state's Covid-19 re-opening requirements for movie theaters limit occupancy to no more than 25 people in a single theater.

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Capitol Theatre has 6 screens, Somerville has 5 (one of which is the huge original 1000-ish seat auditorium)

[Edit: this was a reply to a phrase that Adam subsequently deleted]

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Maybe he was thinking about what the Somerville Theater was like when Governor Weld was in power.

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With a 25-person limit, is it even worth it? Can a movie theater cover its costs?

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