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State agency promises yet another Boston neighborhood a dog park

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports DCR claims it was planning to put a dog park in Paul Revere Park in Charlestown as mitigation for the North Washington Street Bridge work, but never told anyone.

DCR has also promised dog parks to Jamaica Plain and Hyde Park.

In Charlestown, a dog park couldn't come soon enough, the Patriot-Bridge reports:

Over the past month there have been unconfirmed reports of dogs being poisoned in the parks, of dogs getting electrocuted on sidewalks, and last week of two dog walkers giving each other an aggravated beatdown near Galvin Green.



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This isn't quite true, the plans for the new Charlestown Bridge and Paul Revere Park show that the kiddie playground has been moved (accurate, done), and that space is due to be turned into a tiny fenced in dog park. The size will be good for little 10 pound dogs, not for most of the dogs currently running in Paul Revere Park.

The Friends of Paul Revere Park (find us on Facebook as a group) have written the DCR & our State Rep Dan Ryan advocating for continued access to the park off-leash as has been done for over 15 years. Boston Common has a system that would work well at Paul Revere Park - off-leash dog areas that are moved to minimize the damage. It's a 7 acre park, there is room for us all. Dog owners are there 365 in all weather.

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Great, so we will lose more space in another park and owners will continue to let their dogs run off leash in the rest of the park because (insert special circumstance of their inbred dog). More and more parks are becoming off limits to people who don't want to be attacked by dogs because Walsh is incapable of running a functional park system. If we are going to continue losing park space to dog parks then the police need to really enforce leash laws on the rest of Boston Parks. If dogs are found offleash, the owner should be fined and the dog should be brought to the pound for a week at owners expense.

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