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State Health Connector re-opens insurance enrollment in face of coronavirus threat

The state Health Connector, which normally only allows insurance enrollment November through January, says people without health insurance can now apply for it through April 25.

The Health Connector’s decision to open enrollment to anyone without coverage ensures Massachusetts residents concerned about contracting coronavirus can access necessary services without cost barriers. ...

Residents who need health insurance can call (877) MA-ENROLL ((877) 623-6765) to gain access to the enrollment period, and go to MAhealthconnector.org to complete an application. From the website, people who qualify for Health Connector coverage may be in the ConnectorCare program, which offers subsidized plans with low premiums and co-pays, and no deductibles for all services. Those who do not qualify for ConnectorCare can pick plans from nine carriers, with as many as 50 plans available. Applicants can also seek out assistance from local Navigator organizations or Certified Application Counselors.


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Unemployment compensation for workers who have to be home with their kids or because they can't telecommute.

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