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State Police seek help IDing man with metal plate in his lower back whose body washed up on Revere Beach

State Police report they are continuing to try to identify a man whose body washed up near the Oak Island Bath House Tuesday morning.

Based on the post-mortem examination, the decedent is a male, approximately 30-40 years old, and roughly 5’11” tall. During the examination a metal plate was discovered in the man’s lower back, indicating he has had lower back surgery in the past.

We ask anyone who has information about a man who matches that description, who is missing or unaccounted for, to call our State Police Detective Unit for Suffolk County at 617-727-8817.

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I thought all plates, rods, joint replacements, and other surgically implanted medical devices or parts other than screws were serialized?

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Than that.
Wait... Lower back WTF?

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