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State rep gets Facebook death threat after calling on Baker to keep lockdown in place

Threatening messages on Facebook, one a picture of a rifle

An alleged Cambridge resident threatened to stage protests outside the house of state Rep. Michael Connolly (D-Somerville, Cambridge) and then a minute later posted a photo of a rifle and told him to change his mind in replies on Sunday to a post Connolly wrote urging Gov. Baker to keep stay-at-home regulations in place.

The Globe reports Connolly has talked to Cambridge Police about the threat from an account whose only other posts are equally ammosexual comments about Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and an image of a Cuban flag. Connolly's posting and the message also appeared on the timeline of state Rep. Nika Elugardo (D-Jamaica Plain), who had also called on Baker to keep restrictions in place.

This morning, Connolly wrote:

This has been an unfortunate and sad situation. I am doing okay and plan to continue advocating for all of our Cambridge and Somerville constituents. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to offer support.



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I don't feel like giving the person publicity and because, going out on a limb here, I'm doubting it's the person's real name. If the person is arrested, then I'll post the name.


It should be revoked immediately.


Do you really think the dimwitted people that post death threats are the kind of people that obey the law to jump through all the hoops to obtain permits in places like Cambridge?


-makes wild claims about things being "communist"
-unreasonably livid towards a democratic politician
-owns a gun that looks like that

Yes. This 100% sounds like someone from the legal gun owning set.


Speaking for myself, yes I can believe it. People will go to great lengths to satisfy their fetishes.


And if he doesn't have a license, then take away all his ill-gotten guns!


These numbnuts think that 'well regulated militia' means total freedom from personal responsibility when it comes to guns. You should be criminal liable for any actions done with your gun unless you can document you lost control of it, at which point you should lose your license for a year minimum.


To me it sounds like that people with guns, are presumed guilty untill they prove their innocence? I thought it was the other way around.
Then again I'm a uber driving immigrant, so I could be wrong.


My proposal is that if the police/DA determine you were negligent in controlling your firearm and your toddler shoots someone, you go on trial for manslaughter, etc...

My issue is that it seems that people with guns often assume that they have more rights than anyone else, which is incorrect on paper at least.


These idiots don't speak for gun owners any more than ISIS speaks for the Muslim community.

Most gun owners understand the enormous responsibility that comes w/ a Concealed Carry Permit. 99% of people w/ a concealed carry permit will never mention it except to fellow gun enthusiasts or others who may need to know. You'd be surprised how many citizens even in a place like MA are carrying a weapon.


Just another one of these “law-abiding citizens” I keep hearing about who face unjustified government oppression caused by sensible gun regulations.


I left most of social media about a month ago. I'm still on twitter a little.. more for newsies like Adam.

I couldn't stand Facebook any longer. Nice to know I'm not missing much, and makes me glad I am not there anymore.

I loved Facebook but the past year or so it's turned into a digital sewage dump. And much of it are people you know.

So glad I left.. so so glad I left.


I left Facebook years ago for a variety of reasons, mainly to do with big data. In this case Facebook provides a window into part of our world that otherwise isn’t readily visible. Closing the window doesn’t make it go away, just means you don’t have to look at it anymore.


Big Data. Well for more security.

I work for a cybersecurity firm, and Facebook I don't think is a good place to to be if you work in this field. Its just seems.. counter productive

And for me, my company often releases data about how bad facebook is (in relation to cyber security) soo yeah.

That was the second biggest reason...

Third was just emotion. I'd look at it and just get angry. I can read orange fuckface's twitter feed all day and I'll get "angry" but not in the way I did looking at Facebook. Some how I think in many years, when we're all dead and gone, someone will look into "facebook' and what it was, and realize we were all being controlled or something. I just can't describe it.

I left and I just *feel* better.


I left FB a year ago and I don't miss it one bit.

I used it to keep up with my family and classmates and post pictures from trips. Thankfully, I never got threatened at any point when I used it, but I got really got bored reading the same comments, over and over and over again.

It was the same situation when I had my blog many eons ago. Posting a blog was great, but maintenance was a killer - and the only people who really liked it were people from France, believe it or not.


hahaha I left FB and started a blog.

More just because people were like "I miss your updates" .. so they can go here.

Amazingly enough.. the blog stats say how much people "missed me". (not much)

I'm having fun learning WordPress and just posting about stuff. I just remind myself that Craig had a text file on a web server he updated initially.. it just takes one page to get noticed.

And I agree, I kinda started to vlog a little also. Between that and WP.. it is alot to do. Esp for so few viewers.

But I see why facebook and instagram took off... it's literally type something or take a shot and post. Nothing else. WP can take me ~ 5mins to write a post with all the 'extras' i have to do.

Delete Facebook


for a certain type of "free speech", even though they threaten other people with guns for *their* speech.


I am doing okay and plan to continue advocating for all of our Cambridge and Somerville constituents.

How are you advocating for the people who want the lockdown ended?


If you don't like the work he's doing, vote for somebody else.


He’s not a mind reader.
You gotta convey your thoughts.
But without many of your opinion contacting him, as especially registered voters, chances are slim he’ll change his viewpoint.

Yes, should have said a majority of the constituents I have surveyed.
If he represents you, then call,write, email him.
Comments can’t do (solid waste product) for you here.

LOL. Thanks, Adam.


Prob compensating for something. Also, I'm no expert but that looks like a 30 round banana mag, prolly not legal here in MA.

Oh yea, a dishit.
I had to look it up.


In your rush to ridicule that person, you actually spelled the word incorrectly. Now you look like the “dishit”.

You actually do.
Typos happen, it keeps pedantic dishits busy..


What are the chances that the message came from inside? Not zero!


carried away. These great maga-republicans, perhaps a bit lacking in the ability to express themselves, will save use from the deep state and allow us the freedom to die of COVID.

FYI - that person is not a law-abiding gun owner. That is a high cap magazine which is illegal in Mass.