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Stuart Street steakhouse shuts

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Fleming's Steakhouse in Park Square has closed permanently.


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...okay, First-World problems, I know....

Who gets custody of the pour-in, pour-out, nicely-trimmed minivan?

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hundreds of thousands of local restaurant industry people are really hurting right now, but I will not be sorry to see Fancy Outback go away.

We already had enough outlets of overpriced national chain steakhouses in Boston, and this particular link had the single worst wine handling of any self-styled wine bar I've patronized in the city. Half the by-the-glass pours were rotten, as they simply recorked open bottles from the previous service without any attempt at retarding spoilage, as with VacuVin stoppers or a more serious gas-replacement system.

My hopes are focused much more on locally-owned indies to survive the crisis.

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That particular Fleming's (when it first opened) was really, really good.

Nothing lasts forever.

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I can’t speak to the wine handling, but it was my go-to place for cocktails and the great bar menu. I’m truly going to miss their dirty martini and manhattan. :((( Great for pre-theater or happy hour post-work.

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I have seen quite a few permanent closures and early retirements because of the outbreak. It makes sense, if you were looking to wind down business soon, why not just do it now. Same thing with retirement. Unless it was going to cost me points in a pension system (29 years you get X amount 30 years you get Y amount) then I think this would be an ideal time to just call it quits for non essential workers.

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No matter how polluted you were from day drinking, you could always get served (and have a good meal) at Flemings, even if you were leaning over sideways...

Montien's, we'll see you soon, hopefully.

Maggiano's, sorry, too many kids and do you have any menu items that don't swim in red sauce?

Davios, sorry, too, your service is way too inconsistent, most especially at the bar, if you aren't a heavy cleavage oriented customer.

MJ O'Connors, sorry- the smell of stale beer just permeates your whole establishment starting at the front door.

PF Changs - you should close too, just out of principle, your whole gimmick is so 1997.

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Just out of principal LOL

I've never been to PF Changs but I can see what you mean just from the outside

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interview I did on an early (2012) food podcast called Mystery Meet Boston (now known as Taste Trekkers.) You can hear it here.

I spend a lot of time talking about Chinatown restaurants, and specifically compare P.F.'s "secret Chiang family recipe" lettuce wrap app to the traditional Cantonese minced pork with long beans dish (san choy bau) of which it's clearly a bald rip-off. I used the version at the bygone Best Little Restaurant (in its pre-BLR by Shojo incarnation) as an example.

TL;DR: the real thing is about 20 times better for a 20th of the cost of Chang's, and it is (was) a ten-minute walk away.

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...but then I re-read the headline.

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