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Another one of student-shooting counselor's alleged gang bosses pleads guilty to RICO charge

Alexis Peguero

The US Attorney's office reports that Alexis "King Looney" Peguero, 29, pleaded guilty to a RICO charge for his role as second in command of the Devon Street Kings, a Latin Kings chapter whose alleged members included Shaun Harrison, the English High School dean convicted in 2018 of shooting one of his students in the back of the head.

Peguero's Devon Street boss, Wilson Peguero, pleaded guilty last month.

Unlike other alleged members of the Devon Street gang, Alexis Peguero was not accused of direct participation in violence against members of other Boston gangs. However, the feds say he did partake in drug deals and helped run meetings where attacks on other gangs and drug deals were discussed and where Devon members were beaten for violating various gang rules. He also produced a series of YouTube rap videos repping the gang.

Alexis Peguero was charged, along with Harrison and 60 other alleged Latin Kings members in Massachusetts, in federal indictments in 2019.

Peguero's sentencing was scheduled for Dec. 15. Harrison has yet to come to trial for his alleged role in the gang,


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More of a gang thing than a BPS thing I guess.

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King Looney is preferable to Mr. Pink, I guess.

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