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Sullivan's at Castle Island re-opens, but, of course, there are some retrictions

For one thing, you can't just drive there because the state's shut the Castle Island parking lot and all the spaces along Day Boulevard. Also, as Boston Restaurant Talk reports, no more of that crowding into the small place to wait for your order and stuff.



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are the bathrooms at castle island open? we were thinking of riding over there just for fun, but with kids we will certainly need a pit stop.

See the web page below - all facilities around the South Boston beaches and Castle Island are closed. Also, there is no parking from Pleasure Bay out to the Island. There is little available non-resident parking in the nearby neighborhood:


The facilities at Ft. Independence immediately adjacent to Sullivans were clean and open when I made my loop this AM. Really surprised me but appears that your kidlets will have a place to pit.

There are bathrooms? Things have changed U guess.

Sullivan’s. Sul dog. Sul’s dogs. Sul dawg. Bowwowwippy yo. Magoo.





but you're thinking of Deer Island. It's a bit farther out into the harbor.


This is where the eleven y o has mastered his drone from obeying covid boundaries and can hang out at the rink or the loop, you call it in, the drone will pick it up and deliver it to you. Are the rangers traversing the grounds by horse or foot?
Hate to say it, that's the best news I've heard all week.

Sullivan's and it's surroundings are one of a kind. There is life! Viva America!!

Just pretend you're on Broadway and double-park. No problem, no consequences.