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SUV driver runs red light, slams into Jeep so hard it spins around at Charles Circle

Mike Saccone reports on a crash this morning outside the Charles/MGH T stop.

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But we need Red Light cameras you disincentivize this kind of driving that is all-too common in this city and to establish fault quickly and easily.

Sure, you’ll get away with blasting through a red or blocking the box 99% of the time right now...until something like this happens. Again, so happy to see everyone seems OK.

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So they blasted through a red, long enough after the red started so other traffic had already started moving. They demonstrated they don't care about smashing up their own car, not to mention the lives of other road users. Clearly they would be motivated not to do this by the threat of a ticket in the mail a month later.

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Hands free day!

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