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Swept off his feet in the Back Bay?

Shoes but no wearer

It's usually pretty windy at the base of the Hancock at Clarendon Street and St. James Avenue, but this might be a bit extreme even for that spot. Sean Donahue spotted this pair this morning, wonders: "Huh?"



I'm ready for it.

of lost soles


he should have used shoe trees. Without them, you get that sharp crease across the instep that shortens their wearable life by years. (Thanks, Dad.)


While we're on the topic: condition your leather shoes people.

It will make them last much much longer and look much much nicer and it is super easy!

Tom Waits.............

Let’s just pretend someone decided to ditch the work clothes and the Work, and lit out for the territories.

My eyes are drawn to the coat of the person in the shot--why does no one cut the basting out of their coat vent anymore?


friend (an adult) who expressed envy that my suit jacket had working external pockets. I asked, "What do you mean?" He replied, "Mine are fake, just for show." I pulled out a pocket knife and clipped the basting for him. Voila: pockets! Works for jacket vents, too!


I tend to see this on occasion. Every once in a while I just see a reasonably decent looking pair of shoes left in random places outdoors in the city. I wonder if people are just leaving them for homeless people. Another item i now see constantly strewn all over everywhere in the city and neighborhoods are discarded dental flossers. Those little plastic handled things, usually green. They are absolutely everywhere, rivaling discarded lottery tickets. What's up with that? Are they being used for some kind of drug paraphernalia or something?

have had the same thoughts - what are people using these for, or is strolling-and-flossing a thing?

pedestrian signal they installed still has some bugs in it.

C'mon people. Obviously someone bought a new pair of shoes and left the still serviceable old pair on the street for someone who could use them or knows someone who could use them. Stuff like this happens every day in the city. I've seen it from both angles. Decent stuff will get used and appreciated.