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Swiss bakery in Allston re-opened today

Swissbakers, which closed all its Boston outlets last month, reports it re-opened its outlet on Western Avenue in Allston today:

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To my knowledge, Harvard has not yet tried to re-rent that space.

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I hope the red cow is still on the roof. Now that I know this is a local place I will make an effort to go in. I think the owners need to make it more clear that it's local. I previously thought it was some big international chain from Switzerland.

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They literally found the doors locked when they came in for their shifts.

Local or not, I have little interest in supporting a business that treats people like they’re disposable.

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Clearly they didn't close just because they wanted to. They mentioned they can't afford help right now, but hope to be able to in the future. I'm all for worker's rights, but this is a small business that couldn't make it and is now only possibly going to stay afloat- not Walmart callously cutting off and terming employees it could 100% afford to give separation pay to.

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Employees are expected to give notice if they can’t make it in for their scheduled shift. Does the company not owe its staff the similar courtesy?

It’s not like a business just suddenly closes. The owners likely knew for months of the financial difficulty and made the decision to close when they did — without a thought for the employees that were impacted.

It’s sad for everyone involved, but it doesn’t change the attitude that treating your employees this way clearly displays.

The most generous interpretation of not contacting your employees prior to a closure is thoughtlessness. At best. And it still isn’t flattering or right.

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None of us actually know what happened. I'm sure they knew something was going on, but it's possible they thought they had more time left than they did. From what I've read, it wasn't a simple "we don't have enough business" closure.

In any case, I'd rather not judge based on assumptions.

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