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Tanks a lot!

Big tanker coming into Boston Harbor

Alice Glazkov watched an oil tanker, the Challenge Pegasus, come into Boston Harbor this evening.

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Every now and then while riding the red line I'd see one coming in near Columbia Station. One filled the crescent of Carson Beach even though it was far away.

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I wonder if what you saw was an LNG tanker. Now those things are truly gigantic (and they also require closing the Tobin Bridge - not because it might scrape the bottom but for terrorism reasons).

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I have a unit in Charlestown Commerce Center. A few years ago, that huge mint-green LNG tanker was at the terminal across the river, and I was taking some photos from the parking lot. Within about 30 seconds a police officer approached and asked what I was doing. They take the security of those boats seriously!

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I was on Castle Island and took a time lapse video as it passed by, I was one of maybe ten people on the island at around sunset, as they closed parking lot. I took a Hubway bike over and walked from the closest dock.

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