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Terror turkey draws blood in Hyde Park

Turkey vs. man in Hyde Park

Tom dares man to step outside on Arlington Street this morning, two days after attacking couple.

A Hyde Park resident reports the last thing she expected on a leisurely stroll to the neighborhood Dunk's with her husband was to be set upon by a fowl beast, but that's just what happened at Westminster Street and Lexington Avenue Sunday morning:

It just kept following me and my husband then jumped at me. I have a couple scratches and a bruise but finally beat it away with my purse.

An animal-control officer headed over, but reports the guileful gobbler made good its escape:

Went to location was not able to find a turkey. I drove around a few times.

Around 9:20 this morning, and just a couple blocks away on Arlington Street, another Hyde Park resident filed a 311 complaint about the bird, this time challenging motorists to go mano a beak with him:

Wild turkey, very aggressive, causing traffic problems etc.

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Thanksgiving is coming.

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They could use something to chase the inhabitant out.

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You know, professional courtesy.

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"I just want a chocolate cruller and a small black coffee...my card should cover it."

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No fresh turkeys at my house. Frozen ones are just as good and are cheaper. Happy Thanksgiving.

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...for ultimate control of the streets. Who do we think would win?

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The geese since they travel in #GaggleGangs

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...just because they are less aggressive and much more attractive. But they are still a sidewalk-spoiling scourge, and what I would really like to see is a huge flock of giant hawks dive-bombing goose and turkey alike. #TeamHawk

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That's part of the reason I log into U-Hub, even after moving to Easton!

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Just wave a can of cranberry sauce at him. If the gobbler has any sense he'll run like hell!

If that doesn't work, you could try waving a photo of the evil dictator Erdogan at the bird. That bastard has terrorized Turkey for years.

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Turkeys do not. They were here before roads were. Turkeys are to be admired. They are brave enough to take back the road.

Let out your inner turkey, pedestrians.

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In Dot & there's a whole family living across the street. Even my mean ass dog stays away from them. They are quite aggressive. They pecked a neighborhood drunk in the head & he was on the corner yelling at them.

Messed up thing, he always has a smart ass comment to make to everyone. So my daughter & I passed him, he said something smart & my daughter told him the turkeys down the street said they were looking for you.

He got mad, like what turkeys? I'll go see them right fucking now! I couldn't help but laugh.

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