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Thank goodness for the little things: At least we probably don't have to worry about snow anymore

Line at Market Basket

Miss B joined the line outside the Salem Market Basket shortly before 7 a.m. today. She adds:

What I saw was people coming out with weekly groceries, not overfilled carts of nonsense. They are just limiting the number of people in the store and folks clearly thought getting there earlier would be better. Outside line was about 20 minutes.




After 3 or 4 years of saying I needed to get a bigger snowblower, and not doing it, and regretting it the following winter, I finally did it this year. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME.

Recognizing that correlation is not proof of causation, I wonder if more snow and snow related disruptions could have lessened the impact of this here. If everyone was trapped in their homes with 10 feet of snow on the ground, they wouldn't be out and about spreading disease.

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It would be great if Supermarkets would allow for appointments, at least for some days of the week.

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For just over 2 wks, I've been trying to schedule a delivery from a local supermarket but they're always booked.

Tried just at or just after midnight thinking new slot would be released then. Nope. Tried as early as 6:30 am. Nope. All throughout the day. Nope.

Assumedly, the supermarkets have directed more resources to the delivery schedule, but they're still overwhelmed with it.

To start from scratch a scheduling system for store appointments would probably be even harder.

That said, I've been wanting a store appointment system too.

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The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H.L Mencken, 1918

In this case the hobgoblin isn't imaginary but the doomsday predictions now appear to be.
Speaking of snow, the current situation reminds me of many a predicted "classic Nor'Easter" that was supposed to incapicitate the Boston morning commute but still hadn't arrived by lunchtime as the sun begins to poke through diminishing flurries. Realizing that the storm hadn't acted according to forecasts, the media begins to distance itself from the failure by saying, "the computer models (not the experts running them) got it wrong."

The Bill Gates/IMHE model predicted that even with all of the precautions in place, NY state would see over 65,400 beds in use yesterday. In reality, only 15,905 beds were actually used. Also hopelessly wrong, 12,000 NY state ICU beds were projected to be occupied yesterday but only 4,100 were. In some cases, highly trained medical staff are being laid off due to lack of work. The hospital ships and Javits Center are empty not because of "red tape" but because hospitals have not even reached capacity. The media won't tell you this because much like pre-blizzard coverage, pre-doomsday coverage drives the ratings. It's long past time to address the failure of computer models in this case. This is like a bad cold for most of those who develop symptoms, as demonstrated by a jocular Chris Cuomo joking about striped bass fishing and Mama's meatballs on live TV while in "isolation." My condolences to that miniscule but unfortunate group who became sick or died in this apparently natural (not manmade?) event but as Governor Cuomo (D-NY) has said all along, "the fear doesn't match the facts."

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Imagine being this stupid

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Hey, Fish, since you clearly have some alternative source of information why aren't you doing your civic duty and starting up your own outlet so you can share the "truth" with the rest of us. Heck, I'll make it easy for you; you can start right here on Uhub:

Please cite your references. I'm sure you've got them.

Oh, and until you've come down with this thing yourself, you may not want to make claims like "This is like a bad cold for most of those who develop symptoms..."

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Are you naturally this stupid or did you go to stupid graduate school?

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I mean, almost 3,000 people have died of coronavirus in New York State, so I guess that frees up that many beds...


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The article I cited in my previous comment was from April 3. There are now just over 4100 -deaths- from coronavirus in New York State...did you think that’s the number of ICU beds in use?

Meanwhile, the US added over 17,000 new cases and over 900 deaths yesterday. Fishy, do you really not know anyone who’s gotten sick yet? I know of several friends-of-friends who
have died and at least 10 friends-and-acquaintances who have been told by their doctors that based on their symptoms, they probably have it, but the testing criteria are so narrow that they can’t get tested.

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I don’t believe the friends of friends piece. That doesn’t sound factual.

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What are your sources? Did you pull the raw data from the IMHE model?

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The hospital ships and Javits Center are empty not because of "red tape" but because hospitals have not even reached capacity

The ships are empty because they're not allowed to take COVID-19 patients - as stupid as that is.

I'm curious, O-FISH, do you think the prez has done a good job, and why?

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Now Trump and his supporters are predicting high numbers of deaths so that if the actual number comes in lower, they'll claimed he saved the day.

It's like a firefighter setting your house on fire so they'd be called a hero when they put out the flames before the fire spreads to the sixth house on the street.

American will end up having the most time to prepare and yet still end up with the highest fatality rate in the world. That is solely the failure of the national leadership to prepare and respond.

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Have you actually looked at his Twitter feed? It’s full of the stories of those who have died of this virus.

On April 2, he tweeted “I can barely do my show. Yes 80% of covid cases will resolve at home but it is often an ugly two weeks of worst you have dealt with as an otherwise healthy person. Dont sleep on this and think you will get it and not know it. Please. And thank you for the love. Humbles me.”

Sounds like the guy who has it considers it more than “a bad cold”.

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It's hard to unpack just how wrong this statement is. If the actual cases are lower than predicted, that's great. It means our efforts to stay home and social distance are working. This is not a situation where you want to predict a worst case and have it actually happen so you can say you were right.

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Some model runs have hinted at a late, slushy snow Apr 15-17.

And then for not-Marathon Monday … possibility of 50 and a tailwind. You know that this year is going to have perfect weather.

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I believe the stores should give access preference, if they do not already, to the Instantcart and other delivery services. One of those shoppers could be shopping for a half dozen or more people at once... They are like the shuttle bus of the shopping world.

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