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There are banks with cafes built in, why not real-estate offices?

Jamaica Plain News reports on a collaboration between Sazama Real Estate and Fiore's Bakery on South Street in Jamaica Plain: The real-estate office has set up in the space where Fiore's had tables in the Before Times.

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Times are tough, the rent share alone makes this ideal.

They are also concepts that work well together as coffee shops are great places to find out more about communities. Although I'd be curious how this works out once 2021 rolls around and hopefully things are less crazy. I don't know how much seating they have, will customers be upset they can't sit down?

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Not a terrible idea.

I have a few realty companies I support as personal IT clients. The office most of the time is a meet point or more of a "We Work" colab space. Many realtors work independently under the same umbrella name but aren't on the payroll. They rent desk space.

Often someone has to sit there and wait for walk ins, but most of the time most of it is a scheduled showing where an office isn't needed except to sign paperwork.

Using a cafe is a realty office is a good use of space. Most cafe's are in busy areas, so they are well known. TBH when I was looking at places, first thing we did was walk to get a coffee while we discussed what I was looking for a rental.

It just makes sense. Helps the cafe with rent, and realty gets a place.

My only real concern is privacy, as realty companies have so much paper and its usually PI. Just worry about it being left out in the open in these places. (but then again Capital One seems to do OK with this..)

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Great idea! Nice to see a real estate team that says they care about the neighborhood put neighborhood businesses first in tough times. I mean they could have just cashed out and moved to Chestnut Hill.

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