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They need a line just to get in line for the bus in South Boston

Line for the 7 bus

Around 8:30 a.m., Donald F. got in line for the 7 bus on Broadway at L Street in South Boston. "Will we get to work?" he wondered.

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I'm always amazed by the orderly line that forms there with no prompting or signage instructing anyone to do so! 3 cheers for the civilized South Boston residents!


And I'm equally amazed that people will pay a premium to live here and deal with this when there are tons of neighborhoods with significantly better transit access, better housing stock, and greenspace.

A bus that takes you where you need to go is worth the wait! Seems like it would also be worth the trouble to increase the frequency of service on this route.

The T sucks. The T is never not going to suck. Grow up and get a car.

And drive downtown? LOL.


Congrats, you get a medal for the dumbest taek.

Longtime residents should be allowed to save a space in line with a trash can.


Is he still in line?
Did he get to work?
How long did it take?
Why doesn't anyone sell coffee to people in the line? Wasn't there a hot coffee cart running around Boston a few years back?
How many busses passed before he got on one?
Not fair to just post this type of thing with no follow-up!

"Coffee Corner" there is a Dunks, A Starbucks, and Boston Bagel company all right there. There is even a shuttered coffee shop on one other corner at the returning bus stop. The amount of double parked cars there every morning is out of control due to Coffee Corner's popularity. BTD should pull their heads out of their asses and just station someone there all morning every day. They'd never need to raise property taxes ever again with the ticket revenue from that corner, and perhaps in front of South Station alone.

I have often thought of pulling over there when there wasn't a bus and yelling out my window "Room for 2 to south station!" and seeing if anyone take me up on it. Probably not, I look like a homeless person who stole a pickup truck....

They’re there already. It’s just that they’re inside eating and drinking coffee and want to get paid to do nothing

Yeah the BPD and the City of Boston trucks (along with verizon) are some of the worst offenders of bad coffee parking

Don't forget to do this at Broadway, Perkins Square, and in front of Java House!

can easily stretch 2-3x longer than pictured here on any given day.

But the walk from Broadway & L to South Station is 30-35 minutes at a brisk pace. If the line is really that bad, why not walk the 4 blocks to the start of the line so you're guaranteed a spot on the bus?

Expecting the T to do something logical like add service or longer buses to overcrowded lines? Hahahahahahahaha

When I first moved to Boston I thought it was so weird that there are bus routes that are only a couple miles long.

“We want density with our developments.”
“We don’t want to wait in line for the bus!”
“Why do we have to wait in line at The Broadway?”


Why do these people think the MBTA owes them anything? Guess who’s to blame for overcrowded buses and all the ride share cars clogging the streets?

This is a regular situation despite assurances that it would be remedied. We're going on YEARS with this.

New subway line.
Stops at:
East Broadway/Farrugut
East Broadway/L Street
East Broadway/Dorchester St
Red Line connection at Broadway
Washington/West Newton
Orange Line Connection at Back Bay

Not sure where to go from there.
Not pretending to be an engineering expert.

Continue "tunnel boring" to Kenmore (connects to green line and multiple bus routes)

This is always amazing to me as someone who bikes down Summer to get home every day. It's so close!