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Three charged with stealing tip jar from Jamaica Plain bakery

Boston Police report the three - a 20-year old and two teens - never had a chance to spend the money from Santia's Bakery, 3381 Washington St., because cops on patrol spotted them before they went in and quickly arrested them after they tried to flee.

Police say officers patrolling the area because of a spate of teenagers robbing people around the Mildred Hailey Apartments spotted Keeshaun Davis, 20 of Jamaica Plain and his two pals - too young to be named - walking down Washington Street around 7 p.m. yesterday, "looking in all directions and taking visual inventory of each vehicle as they walked by."

When the trio got to Santia's, they watched as the trio split up - two went into the bakery parking lot while the third went inside:

Officers observed the suspect enter the bakery, approach the counter and take a tip jar containing money off the counter.

The suspect quickly exited the store, jumped over a hand rail and joined the other two suspects in the parking lot before they fled on foot toward Washington Street near English High School where they were apprehended by responding units.

Davis and the two teens - one 15, the other 17 - were charged with larceny from a building, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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How stupid do you have to be to steal from a bakery that is

A) less than 2 blocks from a police station,


B) serves coffee & pastries?

They should have cut out the middle-man & just walked straight into E-13 while yelling, "ARREST ME."

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So they're open?!

I just want to say they make excellent cakes and also sell by the slice which are YUGE!
The pineapple and the guava are transcendent.

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