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Middlesex County resident, three workers who flew into Boston for a meeting test positive for coronavirus

WBZ reports a woman who lives in Middlesex County who recently returned from a trip to Italy has tested positive for Covid-19.

She is the third Massachusetts resident to be diagnosed with the virus.

WCVB reports three employees of Cambridge drug maker Biogen - two from Europe, one from another state - flew into Boston for a company meeting last week and have since tested positive for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, a Tennessee man tested positive for the virus after switching planes at Logan.




...and others yet to come? It might be helpful to know where they stayed, where they visited, dined, etc.

I think you recently reported on a measles case, where the authorities specified every place the patient -- a Northeastern student maybe? -- had been, in and around the campus. I wonder if we'll get that level of info for this outbreak, or if it would even be helpful.
Maybe it would just incite panic, especially if there is no widely available testing.

What a mess this is going to be.

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While there’s a lot we don’t know about this bug yet, one good thing is that it’s not nearly as infectious as measles. Right now estimates from the cruise ship in Japan suggest that one covid-19 carrier will infect 2-3 people. For measles the comparable number is 13. 2-3 is high enough to still be dangerous but if you ride the T from central to park with a carrier you’re not necessarily going to get it.

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according to this Globe report.

That's of some concern, because the Long Wharf hotel has an open public lobby that many people walk through daily, just to get from one side of the Harborwalk to the other.

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But just to be clear: there is one new case among MA residents? And three new cases among non-MA residents who have travelled to or through MA in recent weeks?

Adam, are you aware of the possible case in Essex County (a Beverly schools employee who returned from a trip to Italy.)

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