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Time, and maybe a large, angry bobcat, has not been kind to riverside chair

Busted up chair in Millennium Park

A few months ago, somebody hauled a dining-room chair to a quiet, hidden spot on the Charles River in Millennium Park in West Roxbury, where people who stumbled across it would spend some time taking in the vista. Emily the roving UHub photographer came upon the chair a couple days ago and found it's no longer usable.

No real clue what happened, but she suggests the elements took the chair apart. We'd like to think some angry wildlife objected to its presence, because the idea that a person would spend time destroying the chair is not the sort of pleasant thought we need these days.




Suffering the same fate as other space savers that came before it.

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I absolutely love all the Millennium Park updates -- they make me feel like I'm exploring with other people even with I'm alone. I saw this chair a few weeks ago and was so intrigued.

And I thought I spotted my first bluebird (I'm a new birder) in a tree but wasn't sure, only to have you post the snapshot someone else took of a bluebird in the same place!

Thank you, Adam =]

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Ah, the way of all space savers.

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This was an art piece whose theme was don’t leave old wooden chairs outside during two massive and successive rain storms.

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That's too bad.

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Looks like beaver activity to me. I bet the plank from the seat made a great lodge entrance cover.

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