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Tourists running amok in the White Mountains

WBZ reports the town manager in Conway, NH is complaining about "tourists acting like sailors on shore leave" this summer - and he should know, since he was once a sailor who took shore leave.

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I've talked to plenty of people who have nothing else to do take up hiking and camping with little to no prior experience. Just two weeks ago I went to Monadnock, made sure to get there early and use one of the quieter non-reservation trailheads. The few people I encountered in the beginning were all courteous and dressed in hiking gear but things changed on the way down. Then I started seeing families heading up in athleisure wear who wouldn't put on a mask for even a moment while I passed and some didn't even want to share the trail. Be better, people.


It's disgusting that there are so many willfully stupid, ignorant people around who refuse to wear face masks in public and social distance. They don't give a shit who they sicken and/or possibly kill. Governor Baker and other state governors, as well as town and city Administrations should really and truly crack down on people who violate the rules of mask wearing and social distancing of 6ft. or more away from other people.

But Gov. Baker has no authority north of the state line.

You might want to reel in that more outdoorsy than thou routine. It has always been the destination for people out for a walk. Next you’ll be telling us about the same thing up to Lonesome Lake.


Pack Monadnock is an easy hike. Mt. Monadnock gets a bit challenging for the average non-hiker type the closer you get to the summit.

To see if they may enjoy hiking. 8 and 10 year olds gleefully run to the summit, sans spending $$$ at REI.

I've done Monadnock twice so far, both with my 4yo. White Dot is rather easy up to the intersection with White Cross, and that's why it's the most traveled trail. We didn't go higher than that due to winds and fog, so can't say what it looks like. Second time we took Monte Rosa to Smith Summit, and White Arrow down - the last two were very 'interesting'. My kid had no trouble whatsoever on the way up, but needed help down in a couple of spots and everyone was tired at the end. I was actually surprised at how challenging the quarter mile near the summit was and thinking that for how popular the place is, I would expect to hear more reports of people getting lost or injured. I would probably avoid those trails in wet, icy, or foggy weather, although I'm sure many people have climbed successfully. So, it's doable for kids and for newbs, but it's hardly the gentle trot that is Lonesome Lake, Willard, or even Watatic. I've done Washington twice and the rock scrambling at the summit is comparable.

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

Shave his belly with a rusty razor

Put him in a long boat till his sober

Stick him in a scupper with a hosepipe bottom

Put him in the bed with the captain's daughter

Give him the hair of the dog that bite him

That's what we do with a drunken sailor

Early in the morning!


Hawse-pipe. it's the pipe through which a hawser passes. (OK, this photo shows a chain, but you get the idea)


As a sailor who once took shore leave, I take great offense at this slur.


Bravo, profiting from promoting nautical stereotypes. More U Hub hypocrisy.

with the Conway town manager.

Is nautical a racial or ethnic group that most of us are unaware of? Or some other protected class?

Otherwise, cut the shit.

... your experiences in the Navy.

(USNR 1984-6)

It's a very vague article.

Road range incidents and careless camping fires are on the increase. And they have to empty the trash cans more often. Those are the only examples the mayor provides, with no specifics to back them up.

I mean, I like it, we used to spend a week or so every summer near there, so I can attest it's no Hampton Beach - an increase in overflowing trash cans would be big news there.

Yes. But I try to avoid it, since I go to the White Mountains to get away from stuff like outlet malls, Applebee's, and major traffic jams.

... just walk into any town on I93 heading into the Whites and barely 1/3 of the residents bother wearing masks, much less actual distancing on the sidewalks.

Just this weekend, in 'downtown' Plymouth, locals and MA visitors alike were completely disregarding these basic precautions.

It's heartbreaking so many people are disregarding facts and science because of their politics.

It's anecdotal, but if you check VFTT, there seems to be an uptick in rescues this year