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Tracking coronavirus in Cambridge

The city now has a Web site for that, with charts breaking it down by age, gender and date the test results came back. You can export the data to analyze on your own.

Boston has a dashboard.

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RE: "Confirmed* COVID-19 Cases in Cambridge" chart:
1. If you're doing a bar chart, don't use red and green. Some dudes can't differentiate.
2. When your target audience is predominantly English speaking, presume they read left to right, top to bottom. That means that since females are shown to the left of males on the horizontal stacked bar chart, females should be listed above males on the key. This consistency is especially important in light of the poor choice of colors.

RE: "Cases by Date" chart:
3. The value for each bar is included, and oriented with the head a 90 degree tilt to the left, but the x-axis dates are oriented with the head a 90 degree tilt to the right.

All three items are poor design choices. It's not all bad. The charts both have the dependent variable axis start at 0, a great place to start when counting items.

But for realz, yo. Cambridge, why u do me like this? Chart better.

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They would actually test a meaningful amount of people.

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