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Trump lawyer uses Howie Carr show to call for execution of fired Trump cybersecurity official

Yes, Carr still has a radio show. CNN provides the details.




From his lawyers down to the lowliest hate-filled adherent.

It's all he has left.

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the ubiquitous presence of tiny little two-bit wannabe Mafiosi like this asshole. What an embarrassment to our country these grifters, criminals and gibbering idiots have been.

(It goes without saying, this third-rate Sopranos extra isn't fit to touch Krebs's sandal on cybersecurity issues.)

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but a little enforcement action from the FCC just might. Is it a license violation to allow a guest to threaten to murder someone on the air?

Your move, WRKO. You've come a long way since the days of Gene Burns and Jerry Williams.

(And although newspapers aren't licensed, the Herald also has some explaining to do now.)

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have a place somewhere on AM hate radio as long as there are elderly white men nursing imaginary grievances who like to hear the same sixteen words in every on-air rant. (Howie bingo is so predictable it isn't even fun.)

I meant Trump's proxies like Dollar Store Gerald Shargel here.

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The Howie Carr and Ray Flynn show, so that's a positive....

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He's still the king with townie racists from Rhode Island to Maine. Now he's on Newsmax every day. When Trump leaves that should at least put a dent in his audience.

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If this doesn't qualifiy as naked fascism then I don't know what does.

Howie is playing the age old capitulation game, while carefully ignoring the chants of the incels with tiki torches.

This is the United Fucking States of Fucking America, Howie. People are fired. Elected officials are elected by plebecite. Don't like it? Try your fucking luck in fucking Russia!

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...DiGenova got arrested, right? Or at a minimum, a hard talking-to by people who were fully empowered to drag him off in handcuffs?

These scum will keep doing this shit until they feel the consequences.

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From The Guardian:

Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI deputy director, said DiGenova had made “a retaliatory threat involving Krebs’ official duties, in violation of federal law Title 18 USC 351”.
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