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The two-fisted storm

Lightning over Boston Harbor

Lightning over South Boston and Boston Harbor. See it larger.

From a downtown aerie, Jonathan Berk was thunderstruck during the second wave of yesterday afternoon's storm.

Not long before, thebostonlol watched the first wave of the storm, the one that made everything dark but didn't send trees toppling, cover the Boston area from Perry Beach on Quincy's Hough's Neck:

Dark skies over Boston Harbor and downtown Boston
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No matter who was tossing them, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Thunderbird or Apocatequil, it was great viewing.

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Still no power on my street and Eversource isn't giving any estimates on when it might resume. So much for the freezer full of food I just bought and the pot of stew I made.

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Out here in the boonies, I just stood on my porch and watched and listened to the show. One unique trait was that there was continuous noise, no pauses at all. Add the light show and you come up with some good entertainment.

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