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United Way starts fund to help laid-off hourly workers and others affected by coronavirus

The United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley is seeking donations for a new fund aimed at helping "the families of hospitality, retail and other hourly workers, those experiencing homelessness, and children relying on school for one or more meals each day."

n Massachusetts, 2 in 5 workers lack sufficient savings to withstand a sudden loss in wages. With public events, schools and workplaces shuttering as the pandemic unfolds, hourly, low-wage workers will experience unprecedented financial hardship. The problem is acute for hospitality workers, retail workers, and other hourly workers, many living paycheck to paycheck, with no clear options for recouping lost wages. Additionally across the Commonwealth, several hundred thousand children rely on federally funded school-based programs for one, two or more meals each day. As schools close across the Commonwealth, the demand for food assistance will increase for these children and their families.

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