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Uyterhoeven will appear on September 1 ballot

The Ballot Law Commission has rejected a claim from the Catia Sharp campaign alleging her opponent, Erika Uyterhoeven, did not fulfill the residency requirement to run for the State seat being left vacant by Denise Provost. The challenge, filed on June 5, claimed that Uyterhoeven purchased a home in Union Square, but did not update campaign filings or her voter registration to that address. The Ballot Law Commission rejected the challenge 20 days later.



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“As a woman of color, I’m unsurprised by this predictable political tactic that is regularly employed by privileged, establishment candidates to set up even more barriers to the democratic process,” [Uyterhoeven] said.

I don't see why race has to be brought into this. Sharp's complaint, prepared by an election lawyer, was based on clear facts: Uyterhoeven voted in Cambridge in November 2019.

Does Uyterhoeven think only people of color have their candidacy credentials examined by opponents? Or that opponents should ignore apparent election rule violations by a person of color?

I would never vote for a candidate who pulls this kind of angry rhetoric.

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