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Offal news: Venerable BU watering hole could be replaced by Korean place specializing in entrails

Boston Restaurant Talk spills the kishkes: T's Pub on Commonwealth Avenue is looking to sell its liquor license and location to Gopchang Story, a New York restaurant that "focuses on dishes using large and small intestines of cattle and/or pigs along with other entrails."

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thought it was gonna be the dugout.

i've never been a regular there but it's something that needs to exist.


OMFG!! I've been going to T's for years on BU hockey nights. They're going to replace it with some coronavirus eatery? When I think about it, BU has become very, very Asian in recent years.


with that "coronavirus eatery" bit. You're half-right.


Your thoughts on Korean entrail cuisine?

are pretty tasty. That place specializes in gopchang, and thus that's probably the thing to get there, but it has a broader menu with less-scary-to-Westerners dishes.

I do laugh at people who would eat a Fenway Frank but are horrified by the notion of offal.


It's not offal, it's filters. I have a problem eating anything that something else used as a filter for its bloodstream (or, in the case of shellfish, pretty much the whole damn thing). Liver and kidneys are right out.


If not, avoid cod, striped bass, flounder, tautog, herring and I imagine a lot of other species.

I'm a professional eater: there aren't many things I can reasonably say, "Not gonna eat that" to. But I happily eat a lot of filters. Forswearing liver, crustaceans and bivalves would leave a big hole in my diet.


You go right ahead and eat liver and bivalves and whatever makes you happy. Not eating liver and bivalves makes me happy, so I do it.

I'm a big fan of people liking what they like at the table. Or as the kids say, I don't want to yuck anyone's yum.

wrong with you.


as well as sausage and other "pork casing" products.


Or, had any education at all, you would be be abel to tell the difference between China and Korea.

I'm a BU alum. Nobody confuses it with having an education.

There's another racist who needs banning.


But you probably think that's a feature not a bug.

1) You've already had a coronavirus in your lifetime.
2) The current issue with a coronavirus is in China, not Korea.
3) The restaurant is Korean cuisine.
4) BU has a student body that is about 10-15% Asian ethnicity. The Earth has 60%. The Earth is very, very Asian. BU is not.


When the french make andouillette sausage or Scots make Haggis, that's different because ...

When I was a BU student living at West Campus, the place that is now T's Pub was called Frankenstein's. They had a Friday afternoon "beat the clock" happy hour. It started at 2:00pm when drinks were 50 cents. The price increased by 25 cents every 1/2 an hour until they got to the regular price later in the day. [I could be wrong on the details, but the idea is solid.] I only went once and that was enough.


Yes, it was Frankenstein's, before T. Anthony's across the street expanded to a second location and liquor license with T's Pub. I had forgotten about that. That's also when the paradise was still Dummie's. And before that it had been The Boston Club. (Or maybe I've got the order mixed up there). When it was Dummie's it had what remained of the wax figures from the old Tussaud's Wax Museum on Tremont Street where WERS is now. When it was the Boston Club it had female mud wrestling. That was actually a thing.

Wow female mud wrestling need to be a thing again.

I can cross off this new place as a place I'll never go to.

I'm sure its delicious for some.. but the thought makes me wanna vomit.


First, they have other items on the menu that aren't intenstines.

Second, intestines cut in small strips and heavily marinated end up being like any other Korean-tasting meat.

Go with someone who's getting the gopchang and just ask for one to try. If you like Korean barbecue, you'll like this for sure.


you've had entrails and offal. They just didn't tell you that's what you were eating.


In like second grade we read about what they put in hot dogs in My Weekly Reader (I can hear the chants of "OK Boomer" now.) I didn't eat another hot dog for a decade or more and still have only eaten maybe 5 since that day.

and never watch the "how its made" segment on non-casing hot dogs.

i will never, ever, ever eat a non-cased hot dog ever again.

how all meat is processed - from the way the animals are treated on factory farms to the killing of the animals to the gutting and skinning (sometimes while they're still alive). It's all horrific.


I'll bet there are quite a few tasty dishes, but I'd never get my wife near the place.

Ten house points for the headline, Adam.

That took a lot of guts.

The late Jack Powell of Stone Soup poetry used to work in a slaughterhouse near where Mass Bay CC is now. At the time they received live cattle. His job was to cut out the wounds in the cattle that they got from goring in the shipping process. That was used to make Hot Dogs. The only part that didn't get used was the Moo.

Boston needs more food diversity.