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Walking a dog while naked as a jaybird lands Hopkinton couple behind bars

The MetroWest Daily News reports it wasn't so much their deshabille that got the pair in trouble so much as their responding to police inquiries about whether they were OK so much as the violent struggle that allegedly ensued when they declined to answer and started to run away. The police chief reassured the public that the dog was "a very good dog."

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Inquiring minds want to know: Were any of the three (man, woman, canine) wearing masks?

And was the dog equally as undressed as its human companions? A collar, even? Dog tags (i.e., a license)?

Did the cops have body cams?

Time to file that FOIA request.

Should be hysterical.


Was the dog on a leash?


From Google maps, that's a major road, as such things go in Hopkinton. If they walked from their house, they were probably near the High School and another school. I can't imagine what made that seem like a good idea. They could have easily found some woods to naturalize in.

I guess 'completely naked' means they weren't wearing masks.

Nobody is at the high school, and nudity isn't sexuality.

Their health class probably has some pictures of nude people. Art class, too.

I only mentioned the schools as an indicator that this wasn't a deserted byway out in the far reaches of the town, and to make it easier to locate the area, for people who wanted to locate it on a map.


Based on the report that they answered the officers' questions incoherently, I wouldn't be surprised if they were tripping on something.


Magoo was walking his wiener, Cuddles McScruptious. He is the cutest. Magoo


I assume it was a wiener dog.

I guess I really don't understand why it was necessary to chase and arrest them. Sure, it's illegal to be naked in public, but they weren't hurting anyone.

More importantly, were they wearing masks?

Once you see something, you can't unsee it, and there are a lot of people out there I would rather not see naked. Ouch. Serious long-term effects. ;-)

Anyways, good to see my sleepy town getting weird.

Hopkinton gets its weird on once a year, on Marathon Day, but this year that opportunity was denied. This is the inevitable consequence. Weird will find a way.


Read the article. Like they often do, the police escalated the situation until it became violent, then had numerous causes excuses to arrest the two.

Typical prudes in Puritan New England getting worked up about naturism

Questioned if they were OK and why they were unclothed, Kinney and Pinto either said they didn’t want to answer or answered incoherently, Bennett said.

I'm gonna venture that if they were in an altered mental state which led them both to conclude that walking their dog in their birthday suits was a good idea, they probably weren't wearing their masks. And the masks probably weren't that necessary since maintaining 6' of distance from others walking down the street at 6:30 am in Hopkinton is pretty easy.


... befuddles the mind. Perhaps they just needed to cool off.

... befuddles the mind. Perhaps they just needed to cool off.

I see what you mean ...

In winter, it gets colder, you put more layers on. In summer, eventually you are naked and most likely still sweating.


I assume you'll be handling their case.

It was a bit warm out that day .

I guess Nike won't be bringing this road show to Hopkinton soon (warning - contains butts):

I'm going to guess that not too many women with D cup or larger would participate.

that flop around?