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Walsh sounding like he's running for re-election, but won't just come out and say it yet

At a press conference today, a reporter asked Mayor Walsh for his comments on City Councilor Andrea Campbell's announcement that she's running for his job in next year's election.

Walsh praised Campbell for her dedication to the city and thanked her for calling him yesterday morning to let him know of her decision.

"We both share a passion for making Boston a great place," he said.

He then continued, "I look forward to having the conversations about advancing Boston at some point in the future." He added: "There'll be plenty of time to talk about campaigning and all that stuff, right now I'm focused on my job as mayor of the city of Boston."

So is that an announcement? "Not right now," he said, and smiled.



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I'd vote for him again.


He's just a rubber stamp for Feeney Brothers, how hard could it be?


His pro-charter school stance proves he's not just a rubber stamp. At least he gets results for his constituents, unlike most of our other politicians.

What has Warren done for MA? Markey's single career accomplishments was in 1996, 24 years ago. What has he done for MA since?

Walsh is doing a good job!


You laugh at Feeney till you need work. Feeney has work.

There are other reasons too, but the big reason I would never cast a vote for him is that he was more than willing to screw over Joe Taxpayer to line the pocket of developers and construction firms with the Olympic bid.

Come 2017, someone should run against him.

He's actually running for undersecretary of labor or something similar in a Biden administration.


I can't get a read on Marty. Is he really looking for a higher job or is he actually pretty happy to just keep being mayor? I don't think Menino would have jumped at a chance to be something else....I can't tell if Marty is like that or not.

He couldn't do it so well.


Judging by how hard and often he stumped for Hillary up here in NH, one could assume he'd be looking at DC if Biden gets elected. Mayor is a thankless gig, at least you have insulation in a White House position.

For Walsh, an undersecretary job sounds like a big demotion. Being Mayor of a big city is a huge deal. Even Rahm Emanuel gave up being White House Chief of Staff to run for mayor of Chicago. And we all know what happened with Ray Flynn.

Based on his record in Boston, he's a shoo-in for HUD.

Not fair to lump him in as being pro-pedophile defender like Ray Flynn.


So, Raybo (as he was called back in the day) didn't jump on the Bill Clinton bandwagon for a while, in fact he even met with Ross Perot. Remember him? Ray Flynn wanted to be ambassador to Ireland, but Ted Kennedy made sure his sister Jean got the slot. Now, anyone who has traveled a bit knows that Rome beats Dublin in every category except Guinness draft. Ray had an ineffectual tenure as ambassador to the Holy See. The media coverage of the confirmation process were even worse, as that circus revealed how his campaign treasurer had embezzled most of his donations. Ray made it to Rome, but his political career was over.

Being a mayor with a direct line to the White House (under a Biden Admin) is way more influential than a Cabinet post, and probably pays more too.

These rumors can be put to rest. He runs again and wins again.

Run, Marty, run.

Someone should ask Wu what Walsh's plans to do.