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WBZ determines Greenwich, CT not actually part of New England

WBZ compiles evidence that "Tom Brady has begun the process of detaching himself from various New England-based ties," starting with the fact that he and his family have moved from Brookline to Greenwich, CT.

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Yes, the further south and west you go into Fairfield County, the less CT/New England and more NY you become - according to the rest of CT, that is. NY, of course, knows you're not NY and doesn't give a damn about you or what anyone else thinks you are.
In reality, Greenwich people live their lives trying not to think about how they're paying through the nose to live with Portchester on one side of them and West Stamford on the other!!!



De Facto New York, not New England, not that there's anything wrong with New York. If I were married to a supermodel and sitting on roughly half a Billion, I would spend a lot more time in New York than Boston. As Zsa Zsa sang, Dahling I love you but give me Park Avenue. In the meantime, Castle Island works for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-jc6Sw5t2I


Brady will likely do the same

Speaking as someone who grew up west of the Connecticut and south of Hartford, I say that this is really not true.

Sure, Fairfield and New Haven counties are oriented economically and culturally towards New York, but they are part of the New England region. While Boston is the largest city in New England, New England is not exclusively defined as the areas which orient to Boston economically and culturally. For example, Connecticut has much in common historically and politically with the rest of New England. This Hub of the Universe stuff sure does get old sometimes.

Eva, not ZsaZsa, played Lisa Douglas.

What number is Greenwich, CT for the wealthiest towns in country? Any stats? Too lazy to Google. Thank fellow U Hubbers.

Well done for knowing "Cos Cob"!
As for me, I should have said "Stamford's West Side". I don't know why I invented "West Stamford".

If he’s going to be playing in FOXBOROUGH next season, wouldn’t you think he’s going to have to go home after the game.
1) Will he take a helicopter to Greenwich, CONNECTICUT from MASSACHUSETTS
2) Will he have a crash pad at the EXCLUSIVE 22 LIBERTY DRIVE at Boston’s SEAPORT DISTRICT
3) or a crash pad on EASTIE’S WATERFRONT

He can still live there. And yea, you bet he will be taking a helicopter home from Norwood or Mansfield, or somewhere else to Greenwich.....(if he stays with the Pats)




I think his main adjustment will be joining the middle class.

I don't think he's going to be joining the middle class.


Once again, I am baffled at how obsessed people in new england are with him.

New England won’t miss it!

For those in the hub of this universe, it's considered part of New England. In NYC, it's part of the tri-state area.

He wants $37M for his Chestnut Hill home.
With $37M you can build 137 affordable housing units or you can buy a 800 sq ft condo on 5th ave in New York .

...was defined by Joel Garreau, in his 1980 book "The Nine Nations of North America", as the line beyond which Yankees fans outnumber Red Sox fans. He puts Hartford on the New England side, Bridgeport on the New York side, and New Haven right on the border.

Ideally, that border should also swing through part of northeastern NY state, as everything northeast of Albany is basically western Vermont.

The demarcation is very clear. And wet. The fact that both populations
are rural and poor doesn't make them the same.