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We should change our Welcome signs

Welcome to Maskachusetts

Roy G. Biv has a suggestion for the governor's new Mask it or casket campaign.

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love love love this!


If you can hold your breath the whole time you're here, you don't have to wear a mask.


A tisket, a tasket
Mask it or casket
Six feet apart or six feet under
Don't make a social distance blunder
It's simple, It's easy
You don't even have to be sneezy
Have the grace to cover your face so people don't think you're sleazy


I hate stuff like this. I don’t find it fun or cutesy or helpful. And ‘mask it or casket?’ No, stop it.

Guy I grew up with who took over his family business.

He's got this stuff all over his FB wall. "Last Responder" too.

He really does not want your business.

You know, you can agree with a public health policy and still hate the slogans people come up with. That’s allowed.

around Deer Island yesterday. Was disappointed by how many people I saw who weren't wearing masks. Many weren't even trying (ie: not even a mask around the neck). One woman put her hair in front of her face as she passed us. . . thanks?

Driving around this weekend, I saw plenty of signage cautioning people about Massachusetts' shiny new quarantine order. I also saw way too many people not wearing masks correctly or at all, and I don't think they were all, or even mostly, from out of state. We need more attention paid to how people in this state behave and less focus on messaging at the state line.