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Weekend shutdown of Memorial Drive to cars extended through November

DCR will continue to shut Memorial Drive on Saturdays and Sundays between Western Avenue and JFK Street to cars through Nov. 29.




Will this give them enough time to adjust the traffic lights? It's a mess. The Memorial Drive/Western Ave and Western Ave/Soldiers Field Road lights are not timed to accommodate the detour. Traffic turning right from Western to Soldiers Field Road west backs up over the bridge and beyond.

It would also be nice if there were signs about the closure back at the Mass Pike exit, and the Soldiers Field Road exit to Cambridge Street, so people heading west don't make the mistake of trying Mem Drive and getting stuck in the mess.

Yes, it would be better if fewer people drove in Cambridge. But this jam doesn't help anyone, including people walking and biking on the closed section of Mem Drive, and passengers on the 70 bus.

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You're asking DCR to coordinate with Cambridge and MassDOT?

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The two lights in question are owned by the DCR.

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Isn't the closure from Western Ave all the way to the Eliot Bridge? Not just to JFK Street.

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At least it is, every time I've gone there.

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That can be the locale for another meeting with a woman that I bungle because I keep awkwardly stopping three feet behind her while we're walking so that I don't pass gas in front of her.

Schoolteacher 14 years my senior with stunning dark features, too. Tough beat, as we say in horse racing.

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...tmi violation?

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The response that I get from people who are less interesting than me.

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Wait until you hear all the skin-crawling things he allegedly said to women when they tell their side of the encounters.

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which this year would be November 8.

This extension makes up for the late start; it normally begins the last Sunday in April (this year, April 26) but was delayed until May 24.

This year, for the first time, it has also been on Saturdays and not just Sundays, since the end of June.

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I'm sure there will be loads of people enjoying the closed road in the dark and possibly rain at 6:30 pm at the end of November.

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