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West Roxbury cake shop looks for buyer

Donna's Cakes, 100 Spring St., announced today:

Update: Donna’s will remain open till we find the right buyer.

Due to unforeseen family circumstances and after much deliberation, it is with a heavy heart that we have painstakingly decided to sell our family business that has been serving this wonderful community for the past 30 years. We hope to find the right buyer who will love it as much as we do and continue its legacy for many years to come. For serious inquiries only, please message us.

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There used to be bakeries all over the place, selling basically bread and pizza, some venturing into selling pastries and the such . Now they are disappeared, what's going on out there ? It cant be all lost to the supermarkets' imposter bake shops, people just got to use a little more loyalty. Try to find a bismark out there , its a lost art.

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Antoine's in Nonantum makes bismarcks. They're delicious!

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Diane’s in the square used to make them, Sugar in WR makes a decent one,

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