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What a difference a few weeks make in the forest

Allandale Woods in early May

Callan visited Allandale Woods on the West Roxbury/Jamaica Plain/Roslindale line on May 2 (above) and then visited the same spot yesterday:

Lush and green Allandale Woods
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Did someone hear a deciduous earth-greening KABLOOM?

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Photos like this always make me smile. It's the little things!

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Unfortunately the poison ivy has also had that growth kabloom.

Anyone else here this song in your head?
Poison Ivy
by The Coasters

She comes on like a rose,
But everybody knows,
She get you and such.
You can look but you better not touch!
Poison Ivy,
Poison Ivy,
Late at night while your a sleepin',
Poison Ivy comes a creepin' around.
She's pretty as a daisy,
But look out man, she's crazy!
She'll really do you in.
If you let her get under your skin!
Poison Ivy,
Poison Ivy,
Late at night while your sleepin',
Poison Ivy comes creapin' around.
Measles' make you mumpy and mumps' will make you lumpy,
And Chicken pox will make you jump and twitch.
The common cold will fool you,
And whooping cough will cool you.
But Poison Ivy Lord will make you itch!
Your gonna need an ocean,
Of calamine lotion.
You'll be scratchin' like a hound,
The minute you start to mess around!
Poison Ivy,
Poison Ivy,
Late at night…

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Yum, poison ivy. Salad for cute goats.

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Third line should be "she'll get you in dutch," not "She get you and such," at least in Stones version

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