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Why should Storrow Drive have all the fun?

The driver of a box truck just wouldn't take no for an answer and so had the top his vehicle shorn off this morning by the unforgiving Mass. Ave. bridge on Memorial Drive, where trucks can storrow just as easily as across the river.

A roving UHub reporter was right in front of the truck as it disintegrated around 8:20 a.m.:

Saw a box truck peel off its top (and generally shatter into fragments) going under the Mass Ave bridge on Memorial Drive. Driver first went carefully and slowly under the hanging warning signs. I couldn't believe he kept going!



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It's more fun--to watch anyway--when the truck hits the bridge at speed, especially when they shake loose the dangling warning sign on the way in: a real sardine can opening, but it happens fast

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In 1981 my late father was visiting us from South Carolina.

We were coming back to Cambridge from shopping at Bay State Lobster Company when we watched a refrigerator truck peel off its top at Memorial Drive at Mass Ave. Hundreds of whole frozen fish spilled into the road in front of us.

My father, slow of speech and careful with a dollar, remarked, “Well, we could have saved a lot of money at the fish store if we had just left a little later!”

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it has been Memorialized.

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