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Winthrop reports two coronavirus outbreaks linked to gatherings at Elks, yacht club

The town of Winthrop reported today it's confirmed 22 new Covid-19 cases tied to "social events at the Winthrop Elks, 191 Washington Ave. and the Pleasant Park Yacht Club, 562 Pleasant St."

The state currently has Winthrop colored red on its map of Covid-19 risks because of its current testing positivity rate of 10.6%

Town officials are urging anybody who visited either locale between Oct. 15 and 18 to get tested for Covid-19.

According to a post by Sully's Pro Pizza, the Elks shut down Oct. 21 for disinfecting after being notified that a resident who had visited the hall tested positive.

Winthrop is providing free testing at the McKenna Basketball Courts, 5 Walden St. People in cars can drive up between 2 and 7 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; people on foot can walk in for a test 2 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday.

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It must be all the out of state college kids who are partying at Elks lodges in the suburbs. They need to expel these troublemakers!

{end sarcasm}

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It's everywhere where people gather with masks hanging off their chin as they talk, drink, eat and smoke. If you want to get mad don't just get mad at the Elks get mad at what's around you constantly every day all over. We are now back at the threshold of square one because people are stupid. Our dogs seem to be the greater being. Why is it just humans that end up with this shit?

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Nots masks. Why would you put a chin diaper over your nose!

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I live down the street from the Pleasant Park yacht club, adjacent to a small beach. All spring/summer folks coming by on bikes, on foot, with kids and dogs. Everyone is out and about and ok I get it--need a little space during lock down, ongoing Pandemic restrictions, etc. Many on the beach, smoking/vaping, drinking, etc.--I clean up after it all--and most of the time about half wearing masks--the needle has not moved since I've been home/working remotely. This is true as well walking around town, about half the folks I see have masks. Some people take masks out/put them on before going into a store as required but do not wear them in general. This morning I saw a gentleman go into a local credit union atm with no mask/no gloves. Fines for house parties have been made. The town sends out nightly emails/updates with the count of new cases. There are testing sites. There are reminders online/via email in our local newspaper to please wear masks, social distance, follow protocols, etc. They have now hired a guy to work part time with the health director just to try to get the numbers down and stable. Not really sure what we can do to get these folks to comply--I guess it has to hit home for them personally with a loss of a loved one/friend--before they take it seriously.

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What goes on in "Elks" lodges? Are they like the Masons?

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If you want a real party, you've got to go to a VFW hall.

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The regular Elks lodges are ok.
It is the radicalized Elks that cause the problems.

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$2.50 Bud Lights for all those who served with valor at the Battle of Pope's Hill and the invasion of Beachmont.

I'm shocked that someone has finally come out and shown that these private drinking clubs, sorry group halls for our valiant men and women who served overseas, and their cousin and cousin's friends, along with Mikey and his two friends, along with Pat the former gold gloves guy, might actually be a source for spreading.

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They're antiquated entities designed for "Men" to do "Men" things with other "Men" alone without the prying eyes of those pesky womenfolk who insist on voting and equal pay and what have you.

Sure, some of those places let women in now but the Masons, Odd Fellows, Elks, Knights of Columbus, Order of Owls, Knights of the Seven Wise Men, Knights of Azar, Knights of Pythias (anyone sensing a theme here?) are all based on grown men not being able to build treehouses anymore without being laughed out of town.

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Should you ever decide to take your head out from under that rock, you will discover that the majority of officers in the elks are women.
including the top post of exalted ruler. Both clubs have a large number of women members . And both clubs raise money for charity's and scholarships.

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Why is this a problem?

Single-gender social groups have always existed in human history.

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What goes on in "Elks" lodges?

Very simple - a cheap place to drink.
Ditto for VFW, Amer Legion, Sons of Italy, Polish Amer Club, etc etc etc

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