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WMBR shuts down

The MIT radio station announced it shut down at 2 p.m. today:

While this was a difficult decision for us to make, we are prioritising the health and safety of our members. We are continuing to work with MIT as a part of their response to COVID-19.



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Very sad they will be off the air. I wish their staff the best and understand the decision. But going for the next few weeks/months without the Best Station in Boston is going to be rough.

I'm surprised they didn't rig up a way of airing pre-recorded programming that is uploaded by DJs. Most of them have the ability to assemble their shows and record mic breaks on their computers.


Or DJ live from home.

They still have the potential to be great, but they've got some people who have been entrenched there for over 40 years, playing old fart punk music. Talk about out of touch. WMBR needs to be more student run.

WMBR is student run

WMBR is community radio--some DJs are students, some are not. I personally love many of the shows and DJs that have been on for quite a while and donate accordingly each fall. It's community-SUPPORTED as well.

At least it hasn't been eaten by the corporate NPR monster like so many other college stations.

I would think local broadcasting would be helpful in the near future.
Provided they can become an isolated lighthouse regarding personnel.

WMBR is not yet set up for FCC legal operation without an engineer on the premises to control and monitor operation of the transmitter. This would require a designated Chief Engineer have remote (home and/or mobile) access to operate the transmitter, with an alarm or pager if the transmitter should go off the air unintentionally or its operation goes out of legal parameters for wattage, frequency, etc... Normally the on-air DJ or a designated engineer at the station fulfills these requirements. Such a remote system could be set up and may be eventually, but has not been yet.

I believe that is the choice that WMFO (Tufts University) has made to stay on the air.