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Woman wouldn't let closed church doors stop her from praying in Dorchester

Woman praying outside closed church in Dorchester

Brianne Fitzgerald spotted a woman kneeling in prayer outside St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church on Columbia Road this morning.



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You know, that's really kind of nice. As long as nobody else is around, she's really not bothering anybody or potentially spreading the virus. On the other hand, the intellectual part of me says does she really even need to be in the vicinity of a man-made church to pray? Can't you pray from anywhere? Even the Bible has something to say about "temples made with hands".

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Maybe the church is like a lucky charm for her.

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... she likes being there, because the building holds, for her, memories of baptisms, weddings, funerals, ordinary Sundays, everything she has experienced there over a lifetime and of the community who attend that church with her...

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There are people who start their day with mass every day. If she is one such person, she's just carrying on as she always has, albeit at a distance.

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She’s praying on both knees because the Eucharist is present in the church.

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Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture. Of course you and I and this woman know that we can pray anywhere. However, there is comfort and peace praying in or near sacred spaces. St. Margaret’s is a stunning church— even on the outside! May more people follow her humble example.

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Very moving. The woman in the picture is truly not letting a closed church stop her faith or praying

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There are no atheists in a foxhole. I hope her prayers are answered.

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Always were - they just don't tell you all about it.


Although it is a good bet that most people who spew that hackneyed truthyism have never been near a foxhole ... a good statistical bet.

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... it dedicated to.

Hell’s Angel


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Nope - Common error.
The building was and still is under the patronage of Saint Margaret of Scotland.
The parish, however, is named Saint Teresa of Calcutta (previously Blessed Mother Teresa). That was the name chosen about 12-15 years ago when Saint Margaret and Saint William parishes were shut down and a new parish combining the territory and facilities of the two was created.
The religious order Teresa founded has a convent in Dorchester (on Quincy Street) and the future Saint visited there at least once.

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