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Accused Massachusetts putschist seeks permission to return to the State House and to roam the Common with the aggressive geese he claims cavort there

Alleged 1/6 failed-coup participant Mark Sahady has asked a judge in Washington to free him from limitations set by a judge in Massachusetts that prohibit him from going near the State House - which he frets might even prevent him from riding the Red Line, which runs in a tunnel under the State House grounds.

After his arrest in January at the Malden home he shares with his mother, a federal judge in Boston ordered Sahady to stay away from the seat of Massachusetts government. Sahady's case was soon transferred to Washington federal court, where another judge issued a new set of pre-trial limits that included ordering him to stay out of Washington, except for court appearances, but which said nothing about the Massachusetts State House.

In a motion filed earlier this week, Sahady's current lawyer asked the DC judge to specifically state that the Boston restrictions are no longer in place and that Sahady is no longer barred from any location in Massachusetts, including the State House, both because the Boston order potentially conflicts with the DC order and because some of its conditions are "unnecessary, unenforceable and inappropriate."

For example, how does one "stay away" from the Massachusetts State House? Boston's subway, the "T," traverses the substrata beneath the State House. Would Defendant violate the order by taking that line of the T? The State House is adjacent to the Boston Commons - home to aggressive geese and frequented by city residents and visitors alike. Did the Massachusetts court intend to bar Defendant from this popular and storied public space?

The motion does not note that while the Red Line passes under the State House grounds, it does not stop there. Also, the geese are in the Public Garden, not on the Common, which you would think Sahady might know because he had previously helped organize demonstrations on the Common and on Beacon Street, which separates the Common from the State House.

In addition to the State House restriction, Sahady's lawyer asked the DC judge to toss another restriction originally set in Boston barring Sahady from organizing or attending any political rallies or demonstrations, as a violation of his First-Amendment rights.

Innocent, etc.

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Lose the plural on Boston Common, and you can flock with the aggressive geese, dude, as it seems to be your natural state. Keep your nose clean.

Please refrain from soiling the grass as do the geese.

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He needs one, now.

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literally clutching a string of pearls?

Did the judge laugh at the histrionics?!

Correct me if I'm wrong but BPD tells known transient troublemakers to stay away from the Commons all the time.

Stay home with mom, MAGAman.

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No and he should be barred from Park street under.

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Is it possible for us Boston residents to all file our own restraining orders against this waste of oxygen to his bad faith protests out of backyards? I don't want him near my house and feel unsafe with the hate he cultivates.

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Let him wear a big sign that says "I Attempted A Coup On January 6th" and walk around the Common and take the Red Line.

It will be Super Happy Fun Time for him. I hope this POS has a very interesting and exciting life going forward.

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Collect leftovers at Haymarket after it closes. Hand them out and offer prizes for accuracy.

Bill it as a "historical reenactment".

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because I'd get to this line in the motion

home to aggressive geese

and I'd be unable to stop myself from asking the defense "What the fuck does this have to do with anything we are discussing here?"

Pardon my language this early in the discussion, but that's actually the words that came out of my mouth just now when I read that.

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Even aside from the fact there are no geese, aggressive or not, on the Common (aggressive squirrels, maybe, and flocks of nonchalant pigeons, perhaps), um, what?

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New York has visual art, NYC & Boston share tops in classical music, but Boston still is tops with the wit of words: Nonchalant pigeons. Brilliant.

One of many reasons Universal Hub is a great source of news and communal jest.

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I'd be unable to stop myself from asking the defense "What the fuck does this have to do with anything we are discussing here?"

Wild leap, but maybe his lawyer is trying to suggest that Sahady's threat level is comparable to that of an aggressive goose, and therefore we should have no problem tolerating him. To which my rejoinder would be that animals of any species that harass humans on the regular end up caged or dead, and does he really wanna go there.

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If the analogous comparison to Geese is correct then does that mean Sahady would be waddling around and when feeling threatened (which seems 24/7) will immediately attack people at their crotches?

Let him do it! Put some plain clothes cops, dressed as anti-Trumps, wandering around the Common. Sahady's fight or flight response will kick in. Lacking feathers he only has the option of fight. When he attacks the crotch of his target then he would qualify for a assault and battery at sexual organs putting him on SORB.

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If they’re aggressive towards him it’s because animals can sense bad people.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for… Aggressive Geese!”

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Guys like Sahady are like insects: they exist as long as they fly below the radar. They lack the charisma and connections to stick around once people start to notice them.

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True, and it applies to Trump himself as well: a big reason he's gotten as far as he has, despite near-constant failures at every level, is that all sane people have tried to ignore him for the last 40 years in the hopes he'd go away.

It didn't work, and it never works. This is why the advice to "just ignore them" e.g. any time Nazis show up in town is very, very bad.

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