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Allston party ends when woman falls off second-story balcony

Live Boston reports a woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition after falling off a balcony at a crowded party at 131 Glenville Ave. in Allston around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday.

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My street view of 131 Glenville Ave shows no balconies either in front or back of the building. There is a small shed roof over the rear doors but no doors leading to it. Must have been a wild party.


I was curious, so I googled the house and Zillow was the first result. It looks like the first floor has very high ceilings, and it was an indoor balcony from the 2nd floor. Quite high and potential to be deadly.

I hope she recovers.


I went to a few parties at that building when I was a BU student. There aren’t any balconies proper that I can recall, and it’s most likely she fell out of a 2nd floor bedroom window in the front. Hope she’s okay.

I don't think they'd be visible from street view, but there appear to be two balconies on the backside, recessed inside roof dormers. Perhaps it was one of those.

When EMS arrived, she was fully immobilized and extracted with from the building with Boston Fire.

She fell off the balcony into the building?

The house was packed with college kids according to neighbors when the incident occurred.

We need a class-action lawsuit against the colleges who keep bringing back irresponsible students throughout the pandemic. They know their students are irresponsible, but they wanted that sweet tuition money. That tuition money won't make a dent in the harm they've caused.


How do you propose that colleges police their actions?

(Counter-proposal: Fine everyone at these parties.)


The colleges brought these kids to Boston, *knowing* that the kids would be having parties, etc.

Statistically, we'll be able to show that action by the colleges contributed to people dying, debilitating medical conditions, economic impact, etc.

We can also sue the self-absorbed kids, but I'll start with the colleges and their top administrators.

"Fine everyone" - a perennial favorite comment here and on Reddit, and never actually the right answer. Though stiffer penalties for the organizers of out of control parties might be worth looking at.

And if there's an accident you clutch your pearls and want to change the world. Hey gang, college is not longer a thing because someone got drunk. Good luck with that.

I understand positivity rates are high right now but maybe we need to break ourselves out of these types of comments/thought processes? Anybody high risk should be vaccinated by now... I think its about time we start coming out of our cocoons.

The US currently has a new infection rate of 75k cases a day. At that rate, evolution of vaccine-evading strains is highly likely. We need more cocooning until we have a much, much higher percentage of people actually vaccinated - "high risk" is totally irrelevant.

Alcohol and good judgment don't go together. Did ISD approve this deck when they ahemm, "inspected" it??

I used to think those were the ugliest buildings on Glenville, but apparently nice enough inside to have indoor balconies. The joke used to be the evens were the college kids, the odds were the post-grads MAD at the college kids keeping them up on a weeknight. Back when I was an illustrator part time, you could leave your window open and hear the most bizarre conversations on the planet. But recently there have been multiple deaths just on that street alone, suggesting a nasty shift in recent years.

Hope she's okay, and someone starts inspecting those places again. Last thing we need in this year of death is preventable ones.