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American Legion Highway between Franklin Hill and Canterbury remains a tire-destroying menace

Despite complaints last month, the tire-eating pothole between Franklin Hill Avenue and Canterbury Street on the way towards Roslindale remains unfilled. Yesterday, Boston Police reported at least six cars with freshly flattened tires caused by this gaping maw.

"It is very dangerous," a motorist with a no longer round tire confirms.




But the original ticket is marked "Resolved"! That means they fixed it, right? /s


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My own personal experience, and that of some of my neighbors, with 311 has resulted in the following

1) Reports open forever. (8 years and counting)
2) Reports marked invalid because the 311 person couldn't be bothered or refuses to
understand the complaint
3) Reports shuffled on to some department and marked as complete, when in fact the work
has not been done.
4) Reports handled when it's too late. Although I don't complain about space savers, some of
my neighbors do. It's hilarious when they allege that all space savers have all been picked
up after all the snow is melted and there are no more space savers.
5) And yes, sometimes reports are handled correctly and marked complete.

2 summers ago, I noticed a guy get out of a city truck and start taking pictures of what I thought was my house. I asked him and he told me they were catching up with 311 reports and was taking a picture of a tree that the city planted about 3 years prior to close a report from 5 years prior.

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No, "resolved" as in "we have resolved to go to the gym four times a week" or "we have resolved to eat less fried food".
It's only January 4 - can't give up on those New Year's resolutions yet.

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This is the traffic calming measure people have been pushing for.

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I'm much calmer when I'm not cursing the potholes. While riding my bicycle.

I'm also much calmer as a pedestrian when I'm not being chased by runaway hub caps. This actually happened. It felt like that cartoon where Mickey, Donald, and Peg Leg Pete were chased by a saw blade.

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it worked for me when my tire exploded in Charlestown:


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My husband just missed this pothole yesterday on our way back from Castle Island! We would have been the 7th car with a flat tire.

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However awful the road maintenance is, it's every driver's fault for not going slowly enough.

Note that this rule does not apply to bicyclists or pedestrians, since they are on the other team in this fight.

Bus passengers can choose to yell at the city or the bus driver if they suffer a big bump.

The status of rollerbladers, unicyclists, street lugers, and oxcart drivers is still pending a ruling by the Court of Transportation Shame and Guilt.

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