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Another pole taken out along the parkway section of Centre Street in JP

Downed pole in Jamaica Plain

Utility poles along the parkway section of Centre Street in Jamaica Plain have a short life expectancy, as a roving UHub photographer witnessed this morning near Faulkner Hospital.

Pole down. Another pole down. Change of pace: Traffic-crossing signal down.

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First pole casualty along this part of Centre since pre-pandemic. I guess traffic is back to normal.

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Always better to track a stationary target.

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Drove by this earlier. By the looks of it, the driver seemed to be fine. Have to say that I’m surprised, considering how grisly this looked.

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A couple of years ago, a guy used his BMW convertible to shear off the phone pole in front of our house. The car came to rest upside down. When I came out, he was standing next to it, talking on the phone. Which is what I'd bet he was doing inside it, before the crash.

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That stretch of the Center St highway is tough. Narrow lanes, with bikes on the right and pedestrian bolting across as if they have any business to be there. I hope they at least hit send before that pole.

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Terminate this dummies license.

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Very easy to navigate if you are going an appropriate speed for the conditions.

But that means understanding that there are other people and they matter.

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Your suburban input is a bit off the mark: PEOPLE have the RIGHT to be in the street! It is the VEHICLES that are the GUESTS of the neighborhood. They obviously forget their place and need to be reminded that STREETS ARE FOR PEOPLE however they move about!

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The speed limit is 25 mph. That's not a highway.
Not hard to manage if you are going that speed.

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Has it ever occured to the Airbnb paper authors that 911 calls increase when people from civilized countries visit Boston and call police to report what the Boston residents just accept as normal (illegal driving, drugs, stabbings, idling, etc).

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Obviously, if cars are driving too fast & hitting utility poles, the answer is to widen the roadway, right?

To quote The Former Guy, "Wrong!"

Narrowing the roadway makes it MORE DIFFICULT TO GAIN SPEED and thereby REDUCES INJURIES while also improving the lives of every single person NOT angrily swerving down the tiny stretch of multi-lane divided-highway of, uh, Centre Street.

Nobody NEEDS to go 45 MPH as they approach a rotary, and we've got em on both ends of this stretch, if I recall. Make it a 25 MPH not with signage but with streetscape: planter boxes, Hubway stations, bus shelters, grade-separated cycle tracks. Whatever can be done immediately should be - first with temporary materials, as a "living sketch," then more permanently after it's been refined & vetted. If it doesn't work, try something else.

The era of "My Way, The Highway" is OVER in the urban fabric. Leave It to Beaver & the rest of 1960's fashions. Let's build the city we WANT to live in in 2030.

The clock is ticking, let's GO!

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