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Another state trooper charged for bad off-duty behavior on the Expressway, this time for trying to strangle his girlfriend

A state trooper was ordered held in lieu of $2,500 cash bail today at his arraignment on charges of domestic violence, kidnapping and strangulation for an incident in May on the Southeast Expressway n Dorchester - which authorities say they only learned about when his now former girlfriend sought a restraining order against him last week, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Trooper Jordan Cavaco, 27, of Brockton, was ordered to stay away from the woman and the entire city of Fall River, and will be outfitted with a GPS device to make sure he does that once he can make bail at his arraignment in Dorchester court, the DA's office says.

Last month, a new trooper was arraigned on charges he killed a motorcyclist on I-93 while driving drunk after a night on the town in Boston and leaning over to kiss his girlfriend.

According to the DA, Cavaco and his girlfriend were also heading home after a night on the town in Boston on May 28:

ADA [Ian] Polumbaum said the couple was heading home in a vehicle operated by Trooper Cavaco after a night out in Boston, and they got into an argument. Cavaco was driving erratically and the victim took his cell phone away from him, Polumbaum said. Trooper Cavaco stopped the car on the shoulder of Southeast Expressway near Gallivan Boulevard, where he attacked the woman and prevented her from leaving the vehicle, when she tried to flee into the rainy night.

The DA's office says that State Police suspended Cavaco last week after receiving paperwork about the restraining order. State Police then investigated the incident and arrested Cavaco this morning, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.



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Is he one of the unvaccinated ones?

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Liveboston617 hasn’t picked up this story yet. Weird!

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Still nothing. Most recent story is a series of pictures of the juvenile who brought a gun to the East Boston charter school. Juvenile, person of color, gun: breaking news. White state trooper trying to strangle his girlfriend while driving on 93: not news.

(Maybe it’s the perp walk. LiveBootlicking617 wants to be there for the perp walk to get some pics of those sexy-ass coppers doing their important coppy-cop work catching criminals — let’s perp walk the cops who strangle their girlfriends and kill motorists because they’re driving drunk, then maybe LiveBootlicking617 will cover them.)

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They won't do well in the joint. Hopefully they meet some of their former customers.

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How can you remain a State Trooper when one of the cities in your state no longer allows you to travel there? I believe Mr. Cavaco's State Trooper career is over.

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