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Arkansas senator suddenly cares deeply about Massachusetts

WBZ reports a senator from there will fight Rachael Rollins's appointment as US Attorney here. OK, he does have a connection here: He went to Harvard.

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This isn't unusual.

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This dude must hate Boston.

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It's in the last sentence of the BZ print story.

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That Tom “slavery was a necessary evil” Cotton is tying a black prosecutor to violent criminals is exactly what one would expect from the white nationalist Arkansas Senator

In speaking out on DC statehood, Cotton purposely suggested current DC Mayor Muriel Bowser can’t be trusted as governor by asking “would you trust Marion Barry?” He said DC statehood would be unfair to Wyoming because “ Wyoming is a well-rounded working-class state. A new state of Washington would not be.” Wyoming, whose population is 81% the size of DC, is 91% white, whereas DC is 45% black. So “well-rounded working class” = white according to Cotton.

Cotton for years has been an ally with white nationalist scum bag Stephen Miller in trying to introduce nativist immigration legislation that have been lauded by hate groups. Cotton lied about hearing Trump say that immigrants from Africa and Haiti were coming from “sh*t hole countries” and the President lamenting that we don’t have enough immigration from Norway. Cotton repeatedly ties the effort to dismantle systemic racism to the Chinese Communist Party, the age-old trick of tying the fight for civil rights to communism was recently discussed in the Edward Brooke thread. Furthermore, Cotton is so very scared (for some strange reason!) about teaching authentic history in school that he is on a deranged propaganda mission to smear, distort, and lie about people and curricula that look beyond the mythologies of white saviorism and pro-Confederate revisionism.

Today Cotton published an op-ed in The National Review that he introduces tweeting “The BLM Effect has fueled the worst increase in murder in American history.” Get it? Black people wanting justice = increased murders. How very subtle.

Tom Cotton has a right to oppose Rachael Rollins, but anyone who buys his arguments against her as good-faith either lacks critical thinking skills or is willfully turning a blind eye to Cotton’s blatant white nationalist agenda. Eff Tom “dollar store David Duke” Cotton.

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Practice your throwing motion for snowballs.

This idiot is trying to out fascist DeSantis. (No lie - I saw a flag which said Trump - DeSantis 2024 - Make America Florida last week).

He is going to show up in New Hampshire next summer and then more and more after that.

He should be greeted accordingly.

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Im not agreeing with this dude. But you just called someone a fascist then proceeded to advocate fascist behavior. All in a few sentences!

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In before the indignant complaints that John is fomenting political violence by encouraging people to throw snowballs at a political opponent and reminding everyone that Cotton wrote a fascism-enabling NYT op-ed urging President Trump to mobilize active duty US military to violently suppress American citizens’ first amendment rights in our own cities and neighborhoods.

While I don’t encourage anyone getting arrested for assaulting Senator Simon Legree with snow balls, I would enjoy seeing any degree of anti-fascist karma that would visit itself on the Arkansas autocrat when he visits NH.

(I think it’s DeSantis in a runaway. VP will go to a Palin-esque character. Tom can only run for the cabinet and we could be looking at the prospect of AG Cotton.)

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Arkansas is currently getting crushed by covid because the same morons who elect corrupt thugs like Tom Cotton are too dumb to get the vaccine. People in shit hole red states should not be giving out advice.

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