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Aw, that little lime-green bullhorn is just so precious

Anti-vaxxers return to Boston Medical Center

Jacob Oppenheim reports the small knot of anti-vaxxers who blared their message outside Boston Medical Center on Columbus Day returned this afternoon to fail to convince any hospital workers to quit their jobs.


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Sounds like a great message for loggers, deep-sea fishermen, or people being asked to work without proper OSHA protections. I'm not sure why they're spouting it at the BMC though.

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Is it secretly a pro-vaccine sign?

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Are they offering to cover the lost wages and benefits to those who quit?

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That would be acting in a spirit of community.

I think their lack of masks tell us all we need to know.

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If they spent as much time thinking about their penmanship as doing their own research about vaccines their signs might be legible.

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BMC has led the city's efforts to get vaccines into neighborhood and senior centers, churches and schools. They are doing yeoman's work and now they have to put up with this pitiful, gathering of anti-vaxers at their front door. It is an annoyance but a minor one.

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BMC's literally at Mass/Cass. You think the staff's gonna blink at these amateurs?

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the Mass/Cass regulars will?

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Ugh. Noise pollution.

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