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Bank customer is an honest woman

The East Boston Times-Free Press reports that when a teller accidentally gave Phyllis DelVechhio an extra $100 with her withdrawal, DelVecchio returned and gave the money back. The bank then gave her a $100 gift card - and a Dunkin' Donuts gift card - for her honesty.




...they docked the teller, I bet.


I bet the teller got in trouble. Sigh. We all make mistakes. sheesh

I have a friend who used to be a teller for Bank of America. She was short once and got a written warning and a bollocking from her boss. She apologized and then told her, “If I was so perfect that I never made a mistake, I’d be promoted to CEO. But I’m not perfect and neither are most tellers, so deal with it.”

It’s not legal in MA to dock someone’s pay for cash shortages.


I'm sure they have a long list of other excuses.

You can't dock pay from employees. You can fire 'em, and you can sue them if you believe it was a deliberate criminal act, but you can't make them pay for damages.

The laws are very strict about when and for what reasons employers may dock an employee’s pay. And the employee must agree to it in writing even if it is one of the few legally permitted reasons such as FICA, insurance, etc.

So if we can find between 9 and 49 more, we can avoid a smiting.

Why are they called tellers? The word doesn't seem to make sense.

meaning to tell (a story) or to count (list or enumerate, or to a number).

In English you can also "recount" a story.

passing bogus checks resulting in a charge of "uttering?"


something went very wrong and the machine started spitting out money and checks. A nice pile of them.

I considered keeping it for about one second.

Then, remembering that there were security cameras :-) I banged on the bank door (it wasn't open yet but there were people in there), gave them the money, and strongly suggested that they take that ATM out of service.

I supposed I should have asked for a free donut at least :-)


All the bills in ATM machines are marked & recorded when its put into the ATM.

So they know how many were in there.

A couple of years ago, I made a withdrawal at the ATM at a TD Bank store (TD calls them 'stores', not branches). My withdrawal, which should have included all $20's, included one $100 with the $20's.

As the store had closed for the evening, I went back the following morning, spoke with the manager and explained what occurred. One of the tellers verified the ATM withdrawal in the system and the bank then swapped the $100 for a $20. He indicated one of the tellers was short the day before and there it was...in the ATM.

The manager thanked me for my honesty and for returning the $100.

and give her back $100 as a gift card, which is harder to use.